Deliver coordinated, systemised and automated programs to ANYONE in the world

Reach Your Potential

Influence outside your demographics, Impact the wider community with your experites and programs

Improve Client Engagment

Built in customisable notifications allow you to engage with your clients like never before

Elevate Your Business

A completely white labelled application means this is an extension of your business

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Don’t continue to loose clients due to lack of progression or adherance

Get rid of the paper and stick figures and
move into the 21st century

Not sure how they are progressing

Always left wondering whether your clients have done their homework? Now you don’t need to! Inbuilt reporting and summaries allowing you to stay on top of your clients progress

Modify programs with one click

Want to modify your clients program on the fly? With your practitioner login you are able to do just that. Need to adjust a weight or the reps – we’ve got you covered.

Gentle inbuilt nudges

Ready to keep your clients on track and accountable for their programs? Our varied notification types are completely customizable* to improve client engagement and adherance

An extension of your business

Once inside the Phys-lates platform you can completely rebrand your experience to match your business feel. Add your colours and logo’s to use Phys-lates as an extension of your current business

Elevate your business

Sick of feeling like you are in the hamster wheel every day seeing client after client?

Why not create programs that are going to help more people at the same time. With Phys-lates you can automate your programs, customise your notifications and check in’s and expand your services outside of your demographic.




Create your own commercialised branded programs

Have a program that you want to be able to supply to the mass market but have never had the platform to be able to do it?

Create your program, create a automated sign up form and you are on your way!

Ready to take your exercise prescription to the next level?